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Add/Update Translation

If you wish to help translation, please send a e-mail to tell me (JiaYanwei <wxmedit@gmail.com>) the target language. There are two ways to add a new translation OR update an exist translation:

  1. Without forking:
    1. Translate the .po file:
      • Download https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hltj/wxMEdit/master/po/wxmedit.pot.
      • Transalte the file to the target language and rename it with ll_CC.po (e.g. zh_CN.po, it_IT.po, ja_JP.po, etc.); OR update the file ll_CC.po.
    2. Translate the wiki files:
      • Clone the wiki repository https://github.com/wxMEdit/wxMEdit.wiki.git.
      • Translate the markdown wiki files Home.md & Downloads.md to the target language and rename them with Home_ll_CC.md & Downloads_ll_CC.md; OR update the wiki files Home_ll_CC.md & Downloads_ll_CC.md.
    3. Send the translated files to me (JiaYanwei <wxmedit@gmail.com>).
  2. With forking:
    1. Fork wxMEdit on github.
    2. Add/update the translated .po file and wiki files as above.
    3. Create a pull request.

Thank you for your translation. I will add your name/nick to the credits. And you can also give me your website/blog address, I will add the link to the your translated pages and credits pages in all language.