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Latest Release

The current version is: 3.1 .

Operating System Architecture Package
Windows / ReactOS i386/amd64 wxMEdit-3.1-win32-bin.7z
Archlinux any https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wxmedit/
Gentoo any https://gitlab.com/roslin-uberlay/roslin/tree/master/app-text/wxmedit
Debian 8 / LMDE 2 i386 wxmedit_3.1-1_i386-wx3-icu52.deb
Debian 8 / LMDE 2 amd64 wxmedit_3.1-1_amd64-wx3-icu52.deb
Ubuntu 14-15.04 / Mint 17 i386 wxmedit_3.1-1_i386-icu52.deb
Ubuntu 14-15.04 / Mint 17 amd64 wxmedit_3.1-1_amd64-icu52.deb
Ubuntu 15.10 i386 wxmedit_3.1-1_i386-icu55.deb
Ubuntu 15.10 amd64 wxmedit_3.1-1_amd64-icu55.deb
Ubuntu 16.04 / Mint 18 i386 wxmedit_3.1-1_i386-wx3-icu55.deb
Ubuntu 16.04 / Mint 18 amd64 wxmedit_3.1-1_amd64-wx3-icu55.deb
RHEL 6 / CentOS 6 i386 wxmedit-3.1-1.i386-icu42.rpm
RHEL 6 / CentOS 6 amd64 wxmedit-3.1-1.x86_64-icu42.rpm
RHEL 7 / CentOS 7 amd64 wxmedit-3.1-1.x86_64-icu50.rpm
Fedora 22-23 i686 wxmedit-3.1-1.i686-icu54.rpm
Fedora 22-23 amd64 wxmedit-3.1-1.x86_64-icu54.rpm
FreeBSD 10 i386 wxmedit-3.1-i386-icu55.txz
FreeBSD 10 amd64 wxmedit-3.1-amd64-icu55.txz
Mac OS X i386/amd64 wxMEdit-3.1_OSXFIX.tar.gz and follow here
Other any wxMEdit-3.1_FIX1.tar.gz

Change Log


  1. added a new killer feature: word boundary with Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Lao/Khmer and Burmese characters etc.
  2. added a new killer feature: word-wrap meet the Unicode® Standard Annex #14: Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm.
  3. added new feature: column align.
  4. added toolbar icon & shortcut for Inserting Ordered Sequence.
  5. changed End-of-Line mark patterns.
  6. updated Unicode block descriptions for Unicode 8.0 (require ICU 56 or higher).
  7. fixed incorrect word boundary with non-English characters when selecting word.
  8. fixed incorrect word-wrap with non-English letters.
  9. fixed broken characters input with numpad in wxMEdit that built with wxWidgets-3.0 GTK2.
  10. fixed incorrect behavior of when Ctrl-Backspace pressed at beginning of a text file OR at zero-width selection in column mode.
  11. fixed that cannot select the whole word wraped in different lines by double-click.
  12. fixed that triple-click cannot select a whole wrapped line.
  13. fixed that files are not keep in hex mode after restart & restore.
  14. fixed newline redundance when copying in regular text mode.
  15. updated Japanese translation by Tilt <tiltstr[at]gmail.com>.
  16. updated Spanish translation by Carlos Sánchez <carlos1994sanchez[at]gmail.com>.
  17. updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  18. updated Traditional Chinese translation by Vincent_TW.
  19. updated Russian translation by Будинов Станислав <stabud[at]yandex.ru>.
  20. other minor changes and bug fixes.


  1. added new options to display/print bookmark independent of line number.
  2. added a option whether enable dot matching new-line in regular expression.
  3. added a feature that show searching message in status bar when Search/Replace Dialog is invisible.
  4. added a feature: insert ordered sequence.
  5. improved bookmark appearance for displaying and printing.
  6. improved Tab and EOF mark pattern, make it easy to distinguish Tab mark from space mark.
  7. fixed that there are too few characters limited in a line with certain word wrap settings.
  8. fixed that width of list items in Syntax Highlighting Settings Dialog are not updated on resizing.
  9. fixed not responding when counting/replacing-all any zero-length assertions.
  10. updated Unicode block descriptions for Unicode 7.0 (require ICU 54 or higher).
  11. added German translation by Ronny Steiner <post[at]sirsteiner.de>.
  12. added Polish translation by Adam Massalski <massaada[at]wp.pl>.
  13. updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  14. updated Japanese translation by Tilt <tiltstr[at]gmail.com>.
  15. updated Spanish translation by Carlos Sánchez <carlos1994sanchez[at]gmail.com>.
  16. other minor changes and bug fixes.


  1. added right-click context menu for each tab.
  2. added more information for Word Count Dialog.
  3. added new feature: close files under given folder.
  4. added new features: close to the left/right, close all but this.
  5. added bookmark buttons to toolbar.
  6. added encoding aliases support for Find-in-Files Dialog and Options Dialog.
  7. added always saving & restoring normalize window size support for UNIX like OS.
  8. improved localization for syntax title.
  9. fixed crash when saving a empty file.
  10. fixed crash when opening Find Dialog with max line length < 100 and find-text history not empty.
  11. fixed crash when purging find/replace-text history immediately after wxMEdit start.
  12. fixed that syntax type is always reset on saving even manually changed.
  13. updated translations of wxmedit.desktop.
  14. updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  15. updated Traditional Chinese translation by Vincent_TW.
  16. updated Spanish translation by Carlos Sánchez <carlos1994sanchez[at]gmail.com>.
  17. updated Japanese translation by Tilt <tiltstr[at]gmail.com>.
  18. other minor changes and bug fixes.

See ChangeLog for more changes.

Other Downloads

More releases and other files at SourceForge.